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Xiamen Petroleum Trading Center strives to be the largest in China. Since the trading began in April last year, Xiamen Petroleum Trading Center has directly checked the report or printed part of it in just eight months, with a trading volume of 11.2 billion yuan and a tax of 12.04 million yuan; Since the beginning of this year, more than 42 billion yuan has been traded in total, and it is expected to achieve 1. 2% in the whole year as scheduled Curve selection of tensile stripping testing machine: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected according to needs for display and printing; The transaction volume is 50billion yuan, and the tax payment is about 100million yuan. Three years later, the annual trading volume is expected to reach 300billion yuan. According to statistics, at present, the electronic trading volume of Xiamen oil trading center is second only to Tianjin, while the spot trading volume is only inferior to Shanghai, with a small gap

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