The cornerstone of Yutong heavy industry brand is

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The cornerstone of "Yutong heavy industry" brand is special vehicle after-sales service department gaojibo - new concepts in new fields lead to after-sales service upgrading

the cornerstone of "Yutong heavy industry" brand is special vehicle after-sales service department gaojibo - new concepts in new fields lead to after-sales service upgrading

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Guide: truck crane is a new business field opened up by Yutong heavy industry in 2010 and entered the special vehicle business department. Since the day of starting a business, it has been based on the concept of developing both production and sales and providing consumers with the most professional and perfect services. It is with this good business philosophy that new products are in the turbulent market situation

truck crane is a new business field opened up by Yutong heavy industry in 2010, and has entered the special vehicle division. Since its inception, it has been based on the concept of "developing production and sales at the same time, and providing consumers with the most professional and perfect services". It is with this good business philosophy that new products still bear a steady development trend in the turbulent market situation. The quality and performance of the truck mounted crane for attracting investment and intelligence are unique among many truck mounted crane brands, and have won a good reputation in the customer base. It is no accident that we can achieve such impressive results. We know from the inside of the special vehicle business department that a large part of the credit lies in good and superior after-sales service. Based on the original and excellent after-sales service concept, the special vehicle after-sales service department puts forward a new after-sales service concept through a series of improvements, optimization and concept upgrading. Through the way of being more high-quality and close to users, and based on the principle of considering the interests of consumers, it can give full play to the maximum efficiency in the overall sales operation of the company

Gao Jibo, a native of Kaifeng, Henan Province, has buried in his bones the kindness and steadiness of the people in the ancient capital of the seven dynasties, and is able and open-minded. Master Gao has been engaged in automobile maintenance in the early years, and his craftsmanship is superb. Now he is responsible for the after-sales service of truck cranes nationwide

on October 21, 2011, a crane in Nanyang broke down, and the new car was in the running in stage. The customer described the fault phenomenon: the polyurethane on the car can only meet the 250 w/s requirements of the new national standard B1 combustion growth rate index (f/gra) w/s, and the road valve can make a sound. Master Gao decided on the spot that it was a problem of the hydraulic system based on professional experience. Master Gao went to adjust the hydraulic system pipeline and replace some hydraulic components

on Monday, October 24, a customer's on-board crane in the South Fourth Ring Road of Zhengzhou reported for repair, and the group followed the car. When we arrived at the destination, the reported fault was oil leakage from the oil pipe. Master Gao started the car. After careful identification, it was concluded that the fault was caused by friction between the outrigger cylinder and the outrigger. Master Gao took out the tools from the trunk and began to check the oil leakage parts. First, he removed the outrigger oil cylinder and hydraulic lock, pulled the oil cylinder out of the outrigger, put his arms into the machine, and pulled out the oil pipes one by one for inspection. After finding out the oil leakage oil pipes, he determined the oil leakage point, and began to replace the oil pipes and transition joints. I paid special attention to a detail. When I stood in front of master Gao to record his work scene, master Gao suddenly pushed me away. I saw that one foot stepped on the base of the outrigger oil cylinder, and the oil cylinder automatically slipped, and the oil splashed from the upper part. Master Gao's body and face were full of oil. When the customer saw that he hurried to hand over a towel, master Gao declined politely, neglecting to wipe the oil splashed on his face and clothes. After the final test run, the fault was eliminated. When the problem was solved, master Gao still remembered to wipe off the oil splashed on the car body, but he still ignored it

"a qualified after-sales service personnel should have professional technology and communication skills at the same time." Master Gao said so. Special purpose vehicles involve supporting supply due to their own production needs, and we cannot decide the service level of supporting manufacturers. If you find a fault in the process of repairing the car, if you can and time permits, you should carry forward your professional ethics and use your professional skills to help customers solve problems. Master Gao commented on himself: "I think I can be 'customer-centered, everything, such as the standard gb/t14730 ⑵ 000 of anchorage, proceeding from the interests of customers'. Although I can't guarantee 100% satisfaction of customers, I must ask myself that after each maintenance service, customers don't complain about you, which shows that your professional skills are qualified and your communication skills are basically OK."

in August 2011, one of the bridge inspection vehicles of Xi'an Hairong road design and Survey Institute was having problems during the inspection of an engineering bridge. At 9 o'clock, he received a repair request and needed to rush to Lueyang county. This is a new car and involves image engineering. Master Gao was very careful. He hurried to the scene and checked the vehicle carefully after arriving. It was found that the shell of the two rotary reducer was broken due to improper operation by the customer, and the reducer needed to be replaced. However, the company's inventory was out of stock, and it would take a long time for the manufacturer to deliver goods. Master Gao was also baffled at that time. He tried to communicate with the customer, and the customer also understood. But at that time, the construction period of bridge inspection was tight, requiring four working days to complete. The task was heavy, and the customer couldn't wait. Master Gao was quick witted and thought that he could remove a reducer from the commodity car, replace it for the customer first, and then load it on the commodity car when the replenishment arrived! Master Gao hurried to apply to the company for urgent dispatch. After the reducer was brought, master Gao began to install it for two hours. Finally, the test run could resume normal work

over the years of work, a high-tech and high-quality service team with rapid response ability has been established at the rear of special vehicle sales. As an after-sales service personnel of special vehicle truck crane, Gao Jibo "exceeded the customer's expectations", which is almost blank in most places of engineering machines by master Gao; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Based on his understanding of the highest level of mechanical product service, he requires himself to make rapid response plans to user needs based on his job, and provide his own services according to international models and standards. His rigorous and professional working attitude is admirable. His open-minded, pioneering and innovative quality has won the respect and admiration of customers. He is good at summarizing and developing new service concepts, It will lead the upgrading of after-sales service system in new fields

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