The correct method of setting and using the hottes

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The correct method of setting and using the pipeline pump

the correct method of setting and using the pipeline pump:

1. In order to improve the suction performance of the pump, the suction pipeline of the pipeline pump should be shortened as much as possible and turn as little as possible (the elbow is best to use a large radius of curvature). The extruder Market in China is developing rapidly to reduce the resistance loss of the pipeline. In order to prevent cavitation of the pump, the suction pipeline of the water pump should avoid the bag shaped part of gas accumulation as far as possible. If it cannot be avoided, DN15 or DN20 exhaust valve should be set at the bag shaped part

2. When the suction pipe of the pump is vertical, if a reducer is configured on the suction pipe, an eccentric reducer should be configured to avoid the formation of air bags

3. In order to avoid the force and torque generated by the pump due to the weight of pipes and valves and the thermal stress of pipes exceeding the maximum allowable external load at the inlet and outlet of the pump, pipe racks must be set on the suction and discharge pipes of the pump. The maximum allowable load of the pump nozzle shall be provided by the pump manufacturer

4. For the pump with vertical inlet or vertical outlet, in order to reduce the force on the pump nozzle, the pipeline above the nozzle must be provided with a pipe rack, and its plane position should be as close to the nozzle as possible. The pipeline can be supported and suspended by the longitudinal beam of the pipe Gallery, so the pump is often arranged under the pipe gallery

5. For liquids with a density of less than 650kg/m3, such as liquefied petroleum gas and liquid ammonia, the suction pipe of the pump should have a slope of 1/10~1/100 towards the pump, so that the gas produced by gasification can return to the suction tank to avoid cavitation of the pump

6. At the inlet of the single suction pump, it is best to configure a straight pipe about 3 times the inlet diameter

7. For the double suction pump, in order to avoid cavitation of the two-way suction horizontal centrifugal pump, the double suction pipes of the water pump should be arranged symmetrically to ensure uniform flow distribution on both sides. Vertical pipes are directly connected through elbows, but the axis of the pump must be perpendicular to the plane where the elbow is located. At this time, the inlet piping is required to be as short as possible, and the elbow is connected with the reducer, and then connected with the inlet flange. Under other conditions, there should be a straight pipe section not less than 3 times the pipe diameter before the pump inlet

8. Drain the liquid between the shut-off valve and the check valve at the pump outlet. When the pipe diameter is greater than DN50, the valve cover of the check valve can also be perforated to install the discharge valve. The inlet and outlet valves of pumps of the same specification shall be at the same elevation as far as possible

9. The weight of the valve on the inlet and outlet pipelines of the non-metallic pump must not be pressed on the pump body. A pipe rack should be set to prevent crushing the pump body and twisting when opening and closing the valve. Biomedical materials can be divided into bone, tooth, joint, tendon and other bone muscle system repair materials according to their use. The pipelines before and after the valve

10. The steam exhaust pipeline of the steam reciprocating pump should be less curved. The water pump should be equipped with a discharge pipe at the position where condensate may accumulate, and silencers should be installed for those with a large amount of venting. A condensate drain pipe shall be set in front of the steam inlet valve in the steam inlet pipeline to prevent water from hitting the cylinder

11. The steam reciprocating pump generally has large vibration during operation, and the pipeline connected with the pump should be well fixed

12. When the distance between the pump outlet center line and the pipe gallery column center line is greater than 0.6m, the swing check valve on the outlet pipeline should be placed in a horizontal position. At this time, it is not allowed to install a drain valve on the valve cover

13. When the pipeline is above the pump and motor, in order not to affect the hoisting of lifting equipment, the water pump pipeline should have sufficient height. The pipeline transporting corrosive liquid should not be arranged above the original equipment

14. The net distance from the pipe bottom of the pipeline at the lower part of the pipe gallery to the floor should not be less than 4 M. according to the information of moBay below, we can simply understand m to meet the maintenance requirements

15. When the pipeline is above the pump body, the clearance height between the pipe bottom and the ground should not be less than 2.2m

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