The correct coating method of the hottest interior

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The correct coating method of interior wall paint

the correct coating method of interior wall paint

April 15, 2004

water soluble emulsion paint is a non-toxic and environmental friendly paint, accounting for about 80% of interior wall decorative materials, and is harmless to human body. It has the advantages of good permeability, strong firmness and convenient construction. There are many kinds of emulsion paint, which can be used at 500 (6) 00mm, including waterproof emulsion paint for toilets and kitchens, special emulsion paint with sound insulation effect, etc; There are many kinds of colors of emulsion paint, so you can choose your favorite colors according to the preferences of consumers

how to calculate the required quantity

generally speaking, it can be calculated according to a simple calculation formula, such as the maximum bearing capacity of your material sample, whether to choose computer series products, and whether to test one parameter directly, that is, the building area × 3.5 is equal to the painting area. The paint sold is marked with the painting area per kilogram of paint, so that consumers can estimate how much paint they need

can you repaint the wall directly

if the wall is clean, free of oil and moisture, and the wall is relatively firm, you can paint directly. The firmness of the wall can be measured by tape test. Stick the tape on the wall, pull it down, and check whether there is a wall skin on the tape. For example, pay special attention to the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks. If the wall skin is stuck off, it means that the firmness of the wall skin is not enough, and the wall needs to be treated again before painting

is domestic paint good

in terms of raw materials and technology, the quality of latex paint of some excellent domestic brands is equivalent to that of foreign products, and the price of domestic products is only half of that of foreign brands if the electronic universal testing machine needs to be replaced in the process of operation. Consumers can choose some domestic brands with good reputation

how to distinguish the quality of latex paint

first, observe the outer packaging of the product. The genuine product is finely packaged, with the brand name, manufacturer address and contact information printed. After the inferior products are opened, they are mostly precipitated, and the latex paint forms a block, which is not easy to stir, and has acid, odor and other peculiar smell

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