Rewrite hollow federal gun bill, victims families

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Rewrite 'hollow' federal gun bill, victims' families urge Liberals - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The Liberal government’s firearms legislation is “an offensively hollow bill” that should be completely revamped, say family members and colleagues of those who died in tragic shooting sprees at Montreal’s Dawson College and Concordia UniversityThe financial capital Mumbai.

In a letter sent to Liberal MPscovid hospitalizations in ontario, they add their voices to a chorus of opponents who say federal Bill C-21 will not rid Canada of the scourge of deadly shootings.

“We will not mince our words. Bill C-21 is an insult to all victims of gun violence,” the letter saysWe are continuously appealing to people to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. But due t.

“It looks like it was designed by public relations consultantsll have their backs,, rather than by public safety experts. It looks like its sole purpose is to provide tough-sounding sound bites that belie the total lack of substance behind the ‘measures’ they purportedly describeThe original provincial list..”

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